Czechoslovakian movie stars born in 1904

Here are 6 famous actors from Czechoslovakia were born in 1904:

Emil František Burian

Emil František Burian (June 11, 1904 Pilsen-August 9, 1959 Prague) also known as E.F. Burian or Emil Frantisek Burian was a Czechoslovakian composer, film score composer, poet, journalist, actor, singer, playwright and musician. He had one child, Jan Burian.

Samuel Adamcík

Samuel Adamcík (July 23, 1904 Bohunice, Levice District-July 10, 1984 Bratislava) otherwise known as S. Adamcík or Samuel Adamčík was a Czechoslovakian actor.

Martin Hollý

Martin Hollý (June 8, 1904 Ostrava-October 1, 1965) also known as Martin Hollý st., Martin Hollý starší or Martin Holly was a Czechoslovakian actor. He had one child, Martin Hollý.

František Černý

František Černý (July 2, 1904 Prague-January 18, 1963 Prague) otherwise known as Franta Cerný, Cerný or Frantisek Cerný was a Czechoslovakian actor.

Milan Beran

Milan Beran (June 1, 1904 Prague-October 25, 1976 Bratislava) a.k.a. Míla Beran or Miroslav Beran was a Czechoslovakian actor.

Vladimír Borský

Vladimír Borský (March 2, 1904 Prague-October 24, 1962 Prague) also known as Wladimir Borsky or V. Borský was a Czechoslovakian actor, film director and screenwriter.

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