Czechoslovakian musicians died at 51

Here are 3 famous musicians from Czechoslovakia died at 51:

Frederick Stafford

Frederick Stafford (March 11, 1928 Czechoslovakia-July 28, 1979 Lugano) also known as Frederick Stanford or Friedrich Strobel von Stein was a Czechoslovakian actor. His child is Roderick Stafford.

He died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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Rudolf Slánský

Rudolf Slánský (July 31, 1901 Nezvěstice-December 3, 1952 Prague) also known as Rudolf Slansky was a Czechoslovakian politician. He had three children, Naďa Slánský, Rudolf Nadezhda Slánský and Marta Slánský.

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Simon Jurovsky

Simon Jurovsky (February 8, 1912 Banská Bystrica-November 8, 1963 Prague) also known as Šimon Jurovský, Simon Jurovský or Shimon Weiss-Nägel was a Czechoslovakian composer and film score composer.

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