Czechoslovakian musicians died at 66

Here are 5 famous musicians from Czechoslovakia died at 66:

Jakub Obrovský

Jakub Obrovský (December 24, 1882 Brno-March 31, 1949 Prague) was a Czechoslovakian artist and visual artist.

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Martin Frič

Martin Frič (March 29, 1902 Prague-August 26, 1968 Prague) also known as Martin Fritsch, Mac Fric, M. Fric or Martin Fric was a Czechoslovakian screenwriter, film director, film editor, actor, television director and writer.

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Jan Stallich

Jan Stallich (March 19, 1907 Prague-June 14, 1973 Prague) also known as Hans Stallich, Jean Stallich, Jan Stallic, Jan Stallick, Stallich, Giovanni Stallich or Jan Stalich was a Czechoslovakian cinematographer and screenwriter.

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Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler (April 28, 1908 Svitavy-October 9, 1974 Hildesheim) was a Czechoslovakian industrialist and businessperson. He had two children, Emily Schlegel and Oskar Jr Schlegel.

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Ján Zimmer

Ján Zimmer (May 16, 1926-January 21, 1993 Bratislava) was a Czechoslovakian composer and pianist.

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