Czechoslovakian musicians died at 73

Here are 3 famous musicians from Czechoslovakia died at 73:

Bedřich Hrozný

Bedřich Hrozný (May 6, 1879 Lysá nad Labem-December 12, 1952 Prague) otherwise known as Bedrich Hrozny was a Czechoslovakian personality.

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Miloš Kopecký

Miloš Kopecký (August 22, 1922 Prague-February 16, 1996 Prague) also known as Milos Kopecky, Milos Kopecký, dr. Štrosmajer or Kopecký, Miloš was a Czechoslovakian actor. He had one child, Barbora Kopecká.

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Rudolf Hrušínský

Rudolf Hrušínský (October 17, 1920 Nová Včelnice-April 13, 1994 Prague) also known as Rudolf Hrusinsky, Rudolf Hrusínský st. or Rudolf Hrusínský ml. was a Czechoslovakian actor, film director and voice actor. His children are called Jan Hrušínský and Rudolf Hrušínský.

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