Danish movie stars born in 1919

Here are 5 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1919:

Ove Sprogøe

Ove Sprogøe (December 21, 1919 Odense-September 14, 2004 Tårnby) also known as Ove Wendelboe Sprogøe Petersen or Sprogøe, Ove was a Danish actor and singer. He had three children, Henning Sprogøe, Svend Sprogøe and Jørgen Sprogøe.

Mogens Wieth

Mogens Wieth (September 16, 1919 Copenhagen-September 10, 1962 London) was a Danish actor. His child is called Julie Wieth.

Louis Miehe-Renard

Louis Miehe-Renard (April 11, 1919 Copenhagen-January 21, 1997 Denmark) also known as Louis Meihe Renard or Louis Christian Miehe-Renard was a Danish actor. He had five children, Isabella Miehe-Renard, Martin Miehe-Renard, Pierre Miehe-Renard, Katja Miehe-Renard and Anja Miehe-Renard.

Freddy Albeck

Freddy Albeck (August 9, 1919 Copenhagen-February 7, 1992) was a Danish actor.

Georges Ulmer

Georges Ulmer (February 16, 1919 Copenhagen-September 29, 1989 Marseille) a.k.a. Jorgen Frederick Ulmer, Jorge Ulmer or Jørgen Frederik Ulmer was a Danish actor. His child is called Laura Ulmer.

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