Danish movie stars born in 1927

Here are 6 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1927:

Jørgen Ryg

Jørgen Ryg (August 11, 1927 Copenhagen-August 28, 1981 Denmark) was a Danish actor, comedian and jazz musician.

Henrik Wiehe

Henrik Wiehe (February 9, 1927 Frederiksberg-July 1, 1987 Denmark) also known as Henrik Rosing Wiehe was a Danish actor.

Jørgen Reenberg

Jørgen Reenberg (November 8, 1927 Frederiksberg-) is a Danish actor.

Jørgen Krogh

Jørgen Krogh (June 4, 1927 Denmark-October 26, 1986 Denmark) was a Danish production designer and actor.

Preben Borggaard

Preben Borggaard (November 30, 1927 Randers-) is a Danish actor.

Aksel Erhardtsen

Aksel Erhardtsen (January 15, 1927 Gørding-February 17, 2010 Denmark) also known as Aksel Erhardsen was a Danish actor.

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