Danish movie stars born in 1937

Here are 9 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1937:

Jørgen Leth

Jørgen Leth (June 14, 1937 Aarhus-) is a Danish film director, poet, screenwriter, film producer, film editor, actor, author and sports commentator. His children are called Karoline Leth, Asger Leth, Kristian Leth and Thomas Leth.

Willy Rathnov

Willy Rathnov (May 13, 1937 Roskilde-August 29, 1999 Denmark) a.k.a. Kaj Willy Rasmussen or Kay Willy Rathnov was a Danish actor. His child is called Charlotte Rathnov.

Bent Mejding

Bent Mejding (January 14, 1937 Svendborg-) is a Danish actor, film director and theatre director. His children are called Anna Theil Mejding and Lars Mejding.

Finn Nielsen

Finn Nielsen (April 21, 1937 Esbjerg-) is a Danish actor. He has two children, Kasper Nielsen and Anton Nielsen.

Elith Nulle Nykjær

Elith Nulle Nykjær (February 8, 1937 Gentofte Municipality-) also known as Elith 'Nulle' Nykjær Jørgen, Elith 'Nulle' Nykjær, Elith Nulle Nykjær Jørgensen, Elith Nykjær or Elith Nykjær-Jørgensen is a Danish screenwriter, actor, television director, jazz musician and film score composer.

Henrik Stangerup

Henrik Stangerup (September 1, 1937 Frederiksberg-July 3, 1998 Copenhagen) was a Danish film director, screenwriter, actor and author.

Hans Rostrup

Hans Rostrup (July 26, 1937 Frederiksberg-January 16, 2005) was a Danish actor.

Flemming Dyjak

Flemming Dyjak (July 7, 1937 Copenhagen-December 29, 2011) was a Danish actor.

Etienne Glaser

Etienne Glaser (September 18, 1937 Copenhagen-) is a Danish actor, screenwriter and film director. He has one child, Pernilla Glaser.

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