Danish movie stars born in 1945

Here are 11 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1945:

Niels Weyde

Niels Weyde (March 27, 1945-) is a Danish actor and voice actor.

Claus Flygare

Claus Flygare (August 20, 1945 Brønshøj-) is a Danish actor, theatre director, screenwriter and writer.

Claus Ryskjær

Claus Ryskjær (June 26, 1945 Frederiksberg-) is a Danish actor and voice actor.

Torben Hundahl

Torben Hundahl (June 16, 1945 Holstebro-October 2, 1989 Denmark) otherwise known as Torben Hundal or Torben Peter Hundahl was a Danish actor.

Kim Larsen

Kim Larsen (October 23, 1945 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Kim larsen og stig møller, Larsen, Kim, Kim Melius Flyvholm Larsen, Kim Larsen & Bellami, GAS, Gasolin', Gasolin or Kim Larsen & Kjukken is a Danish actor, musician, film score composer, guitarist, songwriter and singer. His children are called Pelle Larsen, Sylvester Larsen, Alice Eve Larsen, Molly Larsen, Hjalmer Larsen and Lui Larsen.

Lars Junggren

Lars Junggren (October 23, 1945 Aabenraa-) is a Danish actor.

Torben Bille

Torben Bille (October 31, 1945 Køge Municipality-July 22, 1993) also known as T. Bille was a Danish actor and property master.

Birger Jensen

Birger Jensen (June 10, 1945 Denmark-June 23, 1998 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

Pierre Miehe-Renard

Pierre Miehe-Renard (March 29, 1945 Copenhagen-) is a Danish actor. His child is called Camilla Miehe-Renard.

Steen Herdel

Steen Herdel (May 24, 1945 Denmark-) is a Danish television producer, film producer and actor.

Nis Bank-Mikkelsen

Nis Bank-Mikkelsen (April 10, 1945 Frederiksberg-) a.k.a. Æsel is a Danish actor and voice actor.

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