Danish movie stars born in 1956

Here are 11 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1956:

Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier (April 30, 1956 Kongens Lyngby-) also known as Erik Nietzsche, Lars Trier, Lars Von Trier or von Trier is a Danish film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, cinematographer, film editor, television producer and television director. He has four children, Agnes Trier, Selma Trier, Ludvig Trier and Benjamin Trier.

Michael Falch

Michael Falch (September 16, 1956 Køge-) a.k.a. Falch, Michael, Michael Elert Falch or Michael Falck is a Danish actor, composer, guitarist and author. His children are called Soffi Falch, Anna Falch and Mathilde Falch.

Peter Aalbæk Jensen

Peter Aalbæk Jensen (April 8, 1956 Osted-) also known as Peter, Peter Albaek Jensen, Peter Allbæk Jensen, Peter Ålbæk Jensen, Peter Ålbæk, Ålen, Peter A. Jensen, Peter Aalbaek Jensen or Peter Aalbæk is a Danish film producer, television producer and actor.

Anders Hove

Anders Hove (January 16, 1956 Greenland-) a.k.a. Anders Tøfting Hove is a Danish actor. His children are called Anders Ezra Crosset Hove and Elliott Todd Crosset Hove.

Jes Holtsø

Jes Holtsø (December 30, 1956 Copenhagen-) is a Danish actor and singer.

Michel Castenholt

Michel Castenholt (July 9, 1956 Denmark-) otherwise known as Michael Castenholt or Vera is a Danish actor and screenwriter.

Arne Siemsen

Arne Siemsen (August 27, 1956 Denmark-) is a Danish actor.

Niels Anders Thorn

Niels Anders Thorn (June 16, 1956 Gladsaxe Municipality-) otherwise known as Neils Anders Thorn is a Danish actor and television director.

Mikael Olsen

Mikael Olsen (April 11, 1956 Denmark-) is a Danish film producer, screenwriter, actor and cinematographer.

Martin Miehe-Renard

Martin Miehe-Renard (August 10, 1956 Copenhagen-) is a Danish actor, screenwriter, television director, film director, television producer, writer, composer and theatre director.

Donald Andersen

Donald Andersen (September 30, 1956 Denmark-) is a Danish actor and voice actor.

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