Danish movie stars born in 1977

Here are 8 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1977:

Thomas Voss

Thomas Voss (November 2, 1977 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Thomas is a Danish actor.

Kasper Andersen

Kasper Andersen (April 23, 1977 Copenhagen-) otherwise known as Kasper Tuxen Andersen or Kasper Tuxen is a Danish cinematographer and actor.

Mads Koudal

Mads Koudal (January 22, 1977 Aarhus-) is a Danish film producer, actor, screenwriter, television director, stunt performer and television producer.

David Owe

David Owe (December 2, 1977 Denmark-) also known as David de Coninck Owe or David deConinck Owe is a Danish actor, stunt performer and tv personality. He has two children, Gudrun Owe and Ingrid Owe.

Dar Salim

Dar Salim (August 18, 1977 Baghdad-) is a Danish actor and soldier. He has one child, Zidane Storm Salim.

Simon Jul Jørgensen

Simon Jul Jørgensen (March 12, 1977-) also known as Simon Jul, Simon J. Jørgensen or Simon Luke-Poulsen is a Danish actor.

Rune Tolsgaard

Rune Tolsgaard (January 6, 1977 Skive, Denmark-) a.k.a. Drengene fra Angora is a Danish actor, screenwriter, television director, film director and comedian.

Jakob Fauerby

Jakob Fauerby (June 30, 1977-) also known as Jakob Faurby is a Danish actor.

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