Danish movie stars died at 57

Here are 3 famous actors from Denmark died at 57:

Erik Bruhn

Erik Bruhn (October 3, 1928 Copenhagen-April 1, 1986 Toronto) also known as Erik Belton Evers Bruhn was a Danish writer, actor, ballet dancer, choreographer and author.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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Carlo Wieth

Carlo Wieth (December 11, 1885 Copenhagen-June 30, 1943 Capital Region of Denmark) also known as Carl Andersen or Carlo Rossini Wieth was a Danish actor. He had one child, Mogens Wieth.

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Bjarne Liller

Bjarne Liller (September 25, 1935 Vesterbro, Copenhagen-September 6, 1993 Denmark) also known as Liller, Bjarne, Bjarne Bent Rønne Pedersen, Bjarne Liller Pedersen or Liller was a Danish singer, actor, singer-songwriter and musician.

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