Danish movie stars died at 60

Here are 7 famous actors from Denmark died at 60:

Elith Foss

Elith Foss (August 8, 1911 Aarhus-April 19, 1972 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Carl Schenstrøm

Carl Schenstrøm (November 13, 1881 Copenhagen-April 10, 1942 Copenhagen) also known as Karl Georg Harald Schenstrøm, Pat or Doublepatte was a Danish actor.

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Mogens Brandt

Mogens Brandt (March 1, 1909 Copenhagen-January 21, 1970 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Lau Lauritzen, Sr.

Lau Lauritzen, Sr. (March 13, 1878 Silkeborg-July 2, 1938 Copenhagen) a.k.a. Lau Lauritzen, Lauritz Lauritsen, Lauritz Lauritzen Sr. or Lauritz Lauritzen was a Danish screenwriter, film director and actor. He had one child, Lau Lauritzen, Jr..

He died caused by suicide.

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Henrik Wiehe

Henrik Wiehe (February 9, 1927 Frederiksberg-July 1, 1987 Denmark) also known as Henrik Rosing Wiehe was a Danish actor.

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Esben Storm

Esben Storm (May 26, 1950 Denmark-March 28, 2011 Sydney) a.k.a. Mort S. Seben was a Danish actor, screenwriter, film director, television producer, film producer, film editor and television director.

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Frederik van Pallandt

Frederik van Pallandt (May 4, 1934 Copenhagen-May 15, 1994 Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro) a.k.a. Frederik Jan Gustav Floris, Baron van Pallandt, Frederik Jan Floris Baron van Pallandt, Frederick or Nina & Frederik was a Danish singer, actor and film score composer. He had four children, Floris Nicolas Ali, Baron van Pallandt, Kirsa Eleonore Clara, Baroness van Pallandt, Ana Maria Else, Baroness van Pallandt and Daniel Tilopa, Baron van Pallandt.

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