Danish movie stars born in 1925

Here are 6 famous actresses from Denmark were born in 1925:

Bodil Udsen

Bodil Udsen (January 12, 1925 Copenhagen-February 26, 2008 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor.

Helle Virkner

Helle Virkner (September 15, 1925 Old Rye-June 10, 2009 Charlottenlund) also known as Helle Genie Virkner, Helle Virkner Krag or Helle Genie Lotinga was a Danish actor. She had two children, Jens Christian Krag and Astrid Helene Krag.

Birgitte Federspiel

Birgitte Federspiel (September 6, 1925 Copenhagen-February 2, 2005 Odense) was a Danish actor. She had one child, Annegine Federspiel.

Lillian Tillegreen

Lillian Tillegreen (December 24, 1925 Copenhagen-January 10, 2002 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

Kirsten Bundgaard

Kirsten Bundgaard (January 27, 1925 Kolding-February 9, 1975) was a Danish screenwriter, actor and film director.

Lisbeth Frandsen

Lisbeth Frandsen (January 15, 1925 Copenhagen-June 18, 1998) also known as Bette was a Danish actor.

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