Danish movie stars born in 1961

Here are 6 famous actresses from Denmark were born in 1961:

Charlotte Fich

Charlotte Fich (September 26, 1961 Dragør-) a.k.a. Charlotte is a Danish actor and singer. She has two children, Anton Fly Fich and Aksel Fly Fich.

Hanne Jacobsen

Hanne Jacobsen (January 13, 1961 Denmark-) is a Danish actor, choreographer and casting director. Her children are called Viola Jacobsen Mikkelsen and Carl Jacobsen Mikkelsen.

Bodil Jørgensen

Bodil Jørgensen (March 3, 1961 Vejle-) is a Danish actor. She has three children, Johannes Sartou, Østen Søborg and Rigmor Søborg.

Jeanne Boel

Jeanne Boel (January 1, 1961 Denmark-) is a Danish actor.

Nonny Sand

Nonny Sand (March 26, 1961 Denmark-) is a Danish actor.

Charlotte Toft

Charlotte Toft (April 18, 1961 Denmark-) a.k.a. Charlotte Toft Jacobsen or Charlotte T. Jacobsen is a Danish actor.

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