Danish movie stars born in 1970

Here are 10 famous actresses from Denmark were born in 1970:

Susanne Storm

Susanne Storm (May 14, 1970 Denmark-) otherwise known as Susanne Storme is a Danish actor.


Whigfield (April 11, 1970 Skælskør-) also known as Sannie Charlotte Carlson, S. Carlson, Sannie Carlson or Sanni Charlotte Carlson is a Danish singer, record producer, actor and songwriter.

Maibritt Saerens

Maibritt Saerens (May 25, 1970 Silkeborg-) also known as Maibritt Sjæerens or Majbritt Saerens is a Danish actor.

Louise Fribo

Louise Fribo (July 3, 1970 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Louise Fribo Eriksen is a Danish singer and actor.

Dya Josefine Hauch

Dya Josefine Hauch (October 19, 1970-) also known as Dya Hauch or Dya Josephine-Hauch is a Danish actor.

Ditte Hansen

Ditte Hansen (December 6, 1970 Copenhagen-) is a Danish actor.

Marina Bouras

Marina Bouras (February 21, 1970 Greece-) is a Danish actor.

Inge Lise Goltermann

Inge Lise Goltermann (October 5, 1970 Denmark-) also known as Ginger is a Danish actor. She has one child, Isabell Goltermann.

Marie Louise Wille

Marie Louise Wille (February 18, 1970 Roskilde-) is a Danish actor.

Therese Glahn

Therese Glahn (July 14, 1970-) is a Danish actor and voice actor. She has one child, Elvira Glahn.

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