Danish movie stars born in 1984

Here are 7 famous actresses from Denmark were born in 1984:

Neel Ronholt

Neel Ronholt (September 17, 1984 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Neel Rønholt is a Danish actor.

Emilie Ullerup

Emilie Ullerup (October 27, 1984 Copenhagen-) also known as Emilie Ullerup-Petersen is a Danish actor.

Laura Christensen

Laura Christensen (January 26, 1984 Østerbro-) also known as Laura Elisabeth Christensen is a Danish actor.

Julie Agnete Vang

Julie Agnete Vang (May 1, 1984-) also known as Julie Agnete Vang Christensen is a Danish actor.

Mia Jexen

Mia Jexen (March 19, 1984 Hellerup-) is a Danish actor.

Linda Pedersen

Linda Pedersen (July 15, 1984 Denmark-) also known as Linda Petersen or Linda P. is a Danish actor, writer and television director.

Sarah Grünewald

Sarah Grünewald (February 5, 1984 Germany-) is a Danish actor, model and presenter.

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