Danish musicians born in 1976

Here are 5 famous musicians from Denmark were born in 1976:

Rasmus Bjerg

Rasmus Bjerg (July 28, 1976-) is a Danish actor. He has four children, Anna Bjerg, Villads Bjerg, Valder Bjerg and Ella Bjerg.

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Susanne Georgi

Susanne Georgi (July 27, 1976 Kolding Municipality-) also known as Georgi, Susanne or Susanne Jonah-Lynn Georgi Puigcercós is a Danish singer, presenter and musician.

Genres she performed include Heavy metal, Jazz, Pop music, Rock music, Rhythm and blues and Dance music.

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Jonas Bjerre

Jonas Bjerre (September 21, 1976 Frederiksberg-) also known as Bjerre, Jonas or Mew is a Danish singer, composer, musician and visual artist.

Related albums: . Genres: Alternative rock and Experimental rock.

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Lina Rafn

Lina Rafn (August 12, 1976 Copenhagen-) also known as Rafn, Lina is a Danish singer, model, songwriter and vj. She has one child, Karmen Vincentia Pertho Rafn.

Genres she performed: House music, Pop music, Dance music and Trance music.

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Shirley (September 23, 1976-) also known as Szhirley is a Danish singer.

Her albums: Hjerter Dame and I'm Coming.

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