Danish musicians died at 53

Here are 17 famous musicians from Denmark died at 53:

Per Bak

Per Bak (December 8, 1948 Brønderslev-October 16, 2002 Copenhagen) a.k.a. P. Bak was a Danish theoretical physicist and physicist.

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Harry Bendixen

Harry Bendixen (October 13, 1901-December 30, 1954) was a Danish personality.

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Tom Søndergaard

Tom Søndergaard (January 2, 1944 Denmark-June 16, 1997 Denmark) was a Danish personality.

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Carl Ottosen

Carl Ottosen (July 18, 1918 Fredensborg-January 8, 1972 Denmark) a.k.a. Carl Ottesen, Lillebror or Carl Ernst Ottosen was a Danish actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Erika Voigt

Erika Voigt (November 28, 1898 Randers-May 29, 1952 Copenhagen) also known as Voigt, Erika was a Danish actor.

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Knud Hilding

Knud Hilding (November 21, 1921 Copenhagen-September 14, 1975 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor.

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Lars Jørgen Madsen

Lars Jørgen Madsen (July 19, 1871-April 1, 1925) also known as Lars J Madsen was a Danish personality.

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Max Heindel

Max Heindel (July 23, 1865 Aarhus-January 6, 1919 Oceanside) was a Danish writer and astrologer.

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Jörgen Zoega

Jörgen Zoega (December 20, 1755-February 10, 1809) also known as Jorgen Zoega was a Danish personality.

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H. C. Hansen

H. C. Hansen (November 8, 1906 Aarhus-February 19, 1960 Copenhagen) was a Danish politician.

He died caused by cancer.

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Frederick II of Denmark

Frederick II of Denmark (July 1, 1534 Haderslevhus-April 4, 1588) was a Danish personality. His children are called Anne of Denmark, Christian IV of Denmark, Augusta of Denmark, John, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein, Hedwig of Denmark, Elizabeth of Denmark, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and Ulrik of Denmark.

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Tøger Seidenfaden

Tøger Seidenfaden (April 28, 1957-January 27, 2011) was a Danish journalist.

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Børge Müller

Børge Müller (September 4, 1909 Denmark-August 16, 1963 Denmark) also known as Børge Robert Müller was a Danish screenwriter.

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Kirsten Walther

Kirsten Walther (August 31, 1933 Copenhagen-February 19, 1987 Søllerød) was a Danish actor.

She died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Leif Panduro

Leif Panduro (April 18, 1923 Frederiksberg-January 16, 1977 Copenhagen) a.k.a. Leif Thormod Panduro was a Danish novelist, dentist and screenwriter.

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Tommy Seebach

Tommy Seebach (September 14, 1949 Copenhagen-March 31, 2003 Dyrehavsbakken) also known as Seebach, Tommy, Tommy Seebach Mortensen or Tommy Seeback was a Danish singer-songwriter, organist, pianist, record producer and composer. He had three children, Rasmus Seebach, Nicolai Seebach and Marie Seebach.

His discography includes: 100 Go'e, Disco Tango, Hip Hurra (disc 1), , Wheels, Lucky Guy, Tommygum, Love On The Line, Den Med Gyngen and Tommy Seebach Instrumental. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Sweyn Forkbeard

Sweyn Forkbeard (April 5, 0960 Denmark-February 3, 1014 Gainsborough) was a Danish personality. He had three children, Cnut the Great, Estrid Svendsdatter and Harald II of Denmark.

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