Danish musicians died at 74

Here are 19 famous musicians from Denmark died at 74:

Herman H. J. Lynge

Herman H. J. Lynge (November 13, 1822 Copenhagen-May 12, 1897 Copenhagen) was a Danish personality.

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August Krogh

August Krogh (November 15, 1874 Grenå-September 13, 1949 Copenhagen) was a Danish scientist.

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Anders Westenholz

Anders Westenholz (October 21, 1936 Copenhagen-November 21, 2010) was a Danish writer, psychologist and novelist.

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Jens Martin Knudsen

Jens Martin Knudsen (October 12, 1930 Aarhus-February 17, 2005 Copenhagen) was a Danish physicist and science writer.

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John Louis Emil Dreyer

John Louis Emil Dreyer (February 13, 1852 Copenhagen-September 14, 1926 Oxford) otherwise known as J. L. E. Dreyer was a Danish astronomer.

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Kaj Hansen

Kaj Hansen (August 16, 1940 Copenhagen-April 5, 2015 Sweden) was a Danish personality.

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Kate Mundt

Kate Mundt (January 9, 1930 Denmark-May 5, 2004 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Jon Iversen

Jon Iversen (December 1, 1889 Sakskøbing-August 17, 1964 Copenhagen) was a Danish film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Ellen Jansø

Ellen Jansø (July 2, 1907 Denmark-December 30, 1981 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Bob Ramsing

Bob Ramsing (January 17, 1923 Aarhus-January 16, 1998) otherwise known as Preben Bob Ramsing was a Danish screenwriter, film director and television producer.

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Albrecht Schmidt

Albrecht Schmidt (April 9, 1870 Copenhagen-March 5, 1945) a.k.a. Albrecht Elvinius Schmidt was a Danish actor.

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Christian Christophersen Sehested

Christian Christophersen Sehested (February 22, 1666-July 19, 1740) was a Danish personality.

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Jens Christian Christensen

Jens Christian Christensen (November 21, 1856 Jutland-December 19, 1930 Ringkøbing) was a Danish politician.

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Princess Charlotte of Denmark

Princess Charlotte of Denmark (October 30, 1789 Christiansborg Palace-March 28, 1864 Christiansborg Palace) was a Danish personality. She had six children, Louise of Hesse-Kassel, Prince Frederick William of Hesse-Kassel, Princess Marie Luise Charlotte of Hesse-Kassel, Auguste Sophie, Baroness of Nasbyholm, Landgravine Caroline Frederica of Hesse-Kassel and Landgravine Sophie Wilhelmine of Hesse-Kassel.

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Fleming Lynge

Fleming Lynge (September 20, 1896 Denmark-November 3, 1970 Denmark) was a Danish screenwriter.

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Henning Bahs

Henning Bahs (March 12, 1928 Copenhagen-March 29, 2002 Herlev) also known as Bahs was a Danish screenwriter, production designer, film art director, set decorator and special effects designer.

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Carl Jensen

Carl Jensen (April 5, 1887-April 5, 1961) was a Danish painter and illustrator.

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Therkel Mathiassen

Therkel Mathiassen (September 5, 1892 Denmark-March 14, 1967) was a Danish personality.

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Jens Christian Hostrup

Jens Christian Hostrup (May 20, 1818 Copenhagen-November 21, 1892 Frederiksberg) was a Danish personality.

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