Dutch actors who were born in 1905

Here are 6 famous actors from Netherlands were born in 1905:

Jan Teulings

Jan Teulings (May 29, 1905 Hilversum-September 22, 1989) was a Dutch actor and screenwriter.

Willy Walden

Willy Walden (March 30, 1905 Amsterdam-March 14, 2003) a.k.a. Herman Jan Jacob Kaldewaay, Herman Jan Jacob Kaldewaaij or Hemmie Kaldewaaij was a Dutch actor.

Joan Remmelts

Joan Remmelts (August 12, 1905 Zwolle-December 19, 1987 Amsterdam) was a Dutch actor.

Louis Borel

Louis Borel (October 6, 1905 The Hague-April 24, 1973 Amsterdam) otherwise known as Lodewijk Borel or Louis Borell was a Dutch actor.

Daniel De Jonghe

Daniel De Jonghe (December 9, 1905 Netherlands-March 21, 1990 Hollywood) was a Dutch actor.

Gijsbert Tersteeg

Gijsbert Tersteeg (May 11, 1905 The Hague-September 6, 1985 The Hague) was a Dutch actor.

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