Dutch actresses who were born in 1944

Here are 5 famous actresses from Netherlands were born in 1944:

Willeke van Ammelrooy

Willeke van Ammelrooy (April 5, 1944 Amsterdam-) also known as Willy Geertje van Ammelrooij, Van Ammelrooy or Willy Geertje van Ammelrooy is a Dutch actor, film director and screenwriter. Her child is called Denise Janzee.

Karin Meerman

Karin Meerman (August 18, 1944 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Karin Anja Prins or Karin Prins is a Dutch actor. She has two children, Kaj Braat and Derk Nicolaas Braat.

Helen Hedy

Helen Hedy (October 20, 1944 Rotterdam-) also known as Helen Pavias is a Dutch actor.

Els Ingeborg Smits

Els Ingeborg Smits (June 30, 1944 Amsterdam-December 5, 2011 Amsterdam) was a Dutch actor.

Elsje de Wijn

Elsje de Wijn (January 3, 1944 Amsterdam-) also known as Elsje Agatha Francisca de Wijn or Wijn, Elsje de is a Dutch actor.

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