Dutch actresses who were born in 1955

Here are 8 famous actresses from Netherlands were born in 1955:

Patty Brard

Patty Brard (March 25, 1955 Sorong-) otherwise known as Petula Louise Brard, Brard, Patty, Luv' or Patty is a Dutch singer and actor.

Belinda Meuldijk

Belinda Meuldijk (January 7, 1955 Oostvoorne-) is a Dutch songwriter, actor and writer. She has two children, Robbert Roman de Nijs and Yoshi Christopher de Nijs.

Liz Snoyink

Liz Snoyink (November 19, 1955 Goirle-) otherwise known as Elizabeth Agnes Victoria Snoyink or Liz Snoijink is a Dutch actor. She has one child, Ezra Krabbé.

Ivon Pelasula

Ivon Pelasula (July 18, 1955 Hilversum-) a.k.a. Yvonne Francisca Orpa Pelasula is a Dutch actor.

Lieneke le Roux

Lieneke le Roux (March 31, 1955 Groningen-) also known as Lineke Le Roux or Engelina Cornelia Maria le Roux is a Dutch actor.

Hedie Meyling

Hedie Meyling (March 17, 1955 Amersfoort-) also known as Hedy Meyling or Hendrika Martine Meyling is a Dutch actor.

Karin van Holst Pellekaan

Karin van Holst Pellekaan (July 10, 1955 Den Helder-) also known as Karen van Holst Pellekaan or Karen van Holst-Pellekaan is a Dutch screenwriter and actor.

Tanneke Hartzuiker

Tanneke Hartzuiker (August 23, 1955 Hilversum-) also known as Taetske Maria Hartzuiker is a Dutch actor and dancer.

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