Dutch actresses who were born in 1960

Here are 6 famous actresses from Netherlands were born in 1960:

Anne-Mieke Ruyten

Anne-Mieke Ruyten (August 16, 1960 Venray-) is a Dutch actor.

Karin Bloemen

Karin Bloemen (June 28, 1960 Alkmaar-) is a Dutch actor, singer and comedian.

Cristel Braak

Cristel Braak (April 24, 1960 Velsen-) also known as Christel Braak is a Dutch actor.

Elsie de Brauw

Elsie de Brauw (July 30, 1960 The Hague-) is a Dutch actor.

Ineke Nijssen

Ineke Nijssen (December 9, 1960 Eindhoven-) is a Dutch actor.

Gwen Eckhaus

Gwen Eckhaus (October 23, 1960-) is a Dutch actor and screenwriter.

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