Dutch actresses who deceased in 2009

Here are 3 famous actresses from Netherlands died in 2009:

Josine van Dalsum

Josine van Dalsum (July 14, 1948 Breda-November 17, 2009 Amsterdam) otherwise known as Josina Johanna van Dalsum was a Dutch actor. Her child is called Aram van de Rest.

Inge Beekman

Inge Beekman (December 20, 1924 Netherlands-June 12, 2009 Netherlands) also known as Ingeborg E.A. Beekman was a Dutch actor. Her child is called Dick Maas.

Sacha Bulthuis

Sacha Bulthuis (May 24, 1948 The Hague-October 15, 2009 The Hague) also known as Alexandra Paula Maria Bulthuis was a Dutch actor. She had two children, Aus Greidanus Jr. and Pauline Greidanus.

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