Dutch musicians who were born in 1941

Here are 9 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1941:

Edo de Waart

Edo de Waart (June 1, 1941 Amsterdam-) otherwise known as De Waart, Edo is a Dutch conductor, teacher, oboist and music director.

His albums include Piano Concertos nos. 1 & 2, Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra, , Piano Concertos 3 & 4, Brahms: Concerto in D / Bruch: Concerto No. 1 in D minor, , Symphony no. 1, Gershwin Bernstein, and Pictures at an Exhibition. His related genres: Classical music.

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Konrad Boehmer

Konrad Boehmer (May 24, 1941 Berlin-October 4, 2014) also known as Boehmer, Konrad was a Dutch , .

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Liesbeth List

Liesbeth List (December 12, 1941 Bandung-) also known as Elisabeth Dorathea Driessen or List, Liesbeth is a Dutch singer.

Her albums: Het mooiste van Liesbeth List (disc 1), Pastorale, Liesbeth's beste, Van Shaffy Tot Piaf, Grootste hits, Het beste Van Liesbeth List & Ramses Shaffy, Pastorale, , 100 Mooiste Liedjes van Ramses en Liesbeth and . Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Louis van Dijk

Louis van Dijk (November 27, 1941 Amsterdam-) also known as Dijk, van, Louis or Louis Van Dijck Trio is a Dutch film score composer and actor. He has one child, Selma Dijk.

His albums include Mozart/Van Dijk, Merry Melodies, Two For Tea, Live, Hommage aan Rogier van Otterloo and Only Love.

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Toon Tellegen

Toon Tellegen (November 18, 1941 Brielle-) otherwise known as Antonius Otto Hermannus Tellegen or Dr. Toon Tellegen is a Dutch writer, physician and poet.

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Rogier van Otterloo

Rogier van Otterloo (December 11, 1941 Amsterdam-January 29, 1988 Tienhoven, Maarssen) also known as Willem Rogier van Otterloo was a Dutch composer and conductor. His children are Bas van Otterloo, Thijs van Otterloo and Alfie van Otterloo.

His discography includes: Soldaat Van Oranje, Verzameld Werk, Turks Fruit and Music-All-In.

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Kees van Kooten

Kees van Kooten (August 10, 1941 The Hague-) otherwise known as Kooten, van, Kees, Cornelis Reinier van Kooten or Koot is a Dutch writer, actor and comedian. He has two children, Kim van Kooten and Kasper van Kooten.

His albums: .

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Ede Staal

Ede Staal (August 2, 1941 Warffum-July 22, 1986 Delfzijl) was a Dutch singer-songwriter and teacher.

His albums include As Vaaier Woorden, Mien toentje, and Hear My Song.

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Dick Rienstra

Dick Rienstra (February 9, 1941 Assen-) a.k.a. Douwe Auke Anne Rienstra or Rienstra, Dick is a Dutch actor. He has one child, Robin Rienstra.

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