Dutch musicians who were born in 1949

Here are 5 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1949:

André Rieu

André Rieu (October 1, 1949 Maastricht-) also known as Andre Rieu, Andri Rieu, André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu or Rieu, André is a Dutch conductor, violinist and entrepreneur. He has two children, Marc Rieu and Pierre Rieu.

His albums include Das Jahrtausendfest, Tuscany, Fiesta!, La vie est belle, Le Monde En Fête, Love Around the World, Romantic Paradise, Songs From My Heart, From Holland With Love and The Christmas I Love. Genres: Classical music and Easy listening.

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Michel Waisvisz

Michel Waisvisz (July 8, 1949-June 18, 2008 Amsterdam) was a Dutch inventor.

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Patricia Paay

Patricia Paay (April 7, 1949 Rotterdam-) otherwise known as Paay, Patricia, Patricia Anglaia Margareth Paaij or Patricia Paaij is a Dutch singer, presenter, model and tv personality. Her child is Christina Curry.

Related albums: Good for Gold, and Time of My Life. Genres she performed include Disco, Pop music, Jazz and Folk music.

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Jan Keizer

Jan Keizer (April 3, 1949-) a.k.a. Keizer, Jan is a Dutch singer and composer.

His albums include Going Back in Time, Going Back in Time III, Going Back in Time II, L'aventure and The Two of Us.

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Oscar Benton

Oscar Benton (February 3, 1949-) also known as Benton, Oscar is a Dutch singer.

His albums include Bensonhurst Blues. Genres he performed include Blues.

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