Dutch musicians who were born in 1953

Here are 8 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1953:

Loes Luca

Loes Luca (October 18, 1953 Rotterdam-) otherwise known as Louise Diana Wilhelmina Catharina Luca, Luca, Loes or Louise "Loes" Diana Wilhelmina Catharina Luca is a Dutch singer, comedian, actor and teacher.

Her most important albums: Wenend in 't portaal, Hunger! and .

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Alex Van Halen

Alex Van Halen (May 8, 1953 Nijmegen-) also known as Alexander Arthur Van Halen, alex_van_halen or Van Halen, Alex is a Dutch drummer, musician, actor, percussionist, keyboard player and guitarist.

Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Jazz fusion.

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Stella Maessen

Stella Maessen (August 6, 1953 Zandvoort-) is a Dutch singer.

Her related genres: Pop music.

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Johan de Meij

Johan de Meij (November 23, 1953 Voorburg-) is a Dutch , .

His most important albums: Symphony no. 1, , The Lord of the Rings, De Meij: Symphony no. 1 "The Lord of the Rings / Bernstein: Divertimento and Planet Earth.

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Cornelis de Bondt

Cornelis de Bondt (December 9, 1953-) otherwise known as Bondt, Cornelius is a Dutch , .

Discography: .

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Pim Koopman

Pim Koopman (March 11, 1953 Hilversum-November 23, 2009 Hilversum) also known as Wilhelmus Frederikus (Pim) Koopman was a Dutch actor, drummer, percussionist, musician, music arranger, record producer and film score composer.

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Herman Koch

Herman Koch (September 5, 1953 Arnhem-) also known as Koch, Herman or Menno Voorhof is a Dutch writer and actor. He has one child, Pablo Koch.

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Toni Willé

Toni Willé (June 26, 1953 Brunssum-) a.k.a. Willé, Toni or Toni Kowalczyk is a Dutch singer and songwriter.

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