Egyptian music stars who deceased at age 42

Here are 3 famous musicians from Egypt died at 42:

Dodi Fayed

Dodi Fayed (April 15, 1955 Alexandria-August 31, 1997 Pont de l'Alma) also known as Dodi, Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel or Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed was an Egyptian film producer.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

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Mahmoud Mokhtar

Mahmoud Mokhtar (May 10, 1891 Kültepe-March 28, 1934) was an Egyptian sculptor.

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Hassan al-Banna

Hassan al-Banna (October 14, 1906 Mahmoudiyah, Egypt-February 12, 1949 Cairo) a.k.a. Sheikh Hasan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna, Hassan al Banna, Ḥasan Bannā or Hasan al-Banna was an Egyptian politician, philosopher, teacher and imam. He had eight children, Wafaa' al-Banna, Sanaa' al-Banna, Rajaa' al-Banna, Safaa' al-Banna, Hala al-Banna, Istishhad al-Banna, Ahmad Saif al Islam al-Banna and Muhammad Saif al Dine al-Banna.

He died in assassination.

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