Egyptian music stars who deceased at age 51

Here are 4 famous musicians from Egypt died at 51:

Ali Moustafa Mosharafa

Ali Moustafa Mosharafa (July 11, 1898 Damietta-January 16, 1950) also known as Moustafa Mousharafa or Ali musharafa was an Egyptian physicist.

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Mohammad Farid

Mohammad Farid (January 20, 1868 Cairo-November 15, 1919 Berlin) was an Egyptian politician.

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Ali Ismael

Ali Ismael (December 28, 1922-June 16, 1974 Cairo) also known as Ali Ismail was an Egyptian composer, film score composer and musician. He had three children, Mustafa Ali Ismael, Shogoon Ali Ismael and Hussien Ali Ismael.

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Ihab el-Sherif

Ihab el-Sherif (January 1, 1954-July 1, 2005) otherwise known as Ihab al-Sharif was an Egyptian politician and diplomat.

He died as a result of murder.

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