Egyptian music stars who deceased at age 72

Here are 5 famous musicians from Egypt died at 72:

Mahmoud el-Meliguy

Mahmoud el-Meliguy (December 22, 1910 Cairo-June 6, 1983 Cairo) a.k.a. Mahmud Al Miligi, Mahmoud El Meligui, Mahmoud El Miligui, Marlon Brando of the East or Maḥmoūd al-Meleygī was an Egyptian actor. He had three children, Morsi el-Meliguy, Isis el-Meliguy and Gamal El-Din el-Meliguy.

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Sanaa Gamil

Sanaa Gamil (April 27, 1930 Upper Egypt-December 22, 2002 Cairo) also known as Thoraya Youssef Atallah was an Egyptian actor.

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Shoukry Sarhan

Shoukry Sarhan (March 12, 1925 Al Sharqia Governorate-March 29, 1997 Cairo) a.k.a. Mohammad Shoukry Al Husseini Sarhan, Choukri Sarhane, Shukry Sarhan or Mohamed Shukry Sarhan was an Egyptian actor.

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Tahia Kazem

Tahia Kazem (March 1, 1920 Tehran-March 25, 1992 Cairo) a.k.a. Tahia Kazem-Boghdadi was an Egyptian personality. Her children are Khalid Abdel Nasser, Abdel Hamid Abdel Nasser, Mona Gamal Abdel Nasser, Hoda Abdel Nasser, Abdel Hakim Abdel Nasser, Izz al-Arab Abdel Nasser, Al-Leithi Abdel Nasser and Shawki Abdel Nasser.

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Mahmoud Shokoko

Mahmoud Shokoko (May 1, 1912 Kingdom of Egypt-February 12, 1985 Cairo) also known as Mahmoud Ibrahim Ismail Musa was an Egyptian actor and artist.

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