Egyptian music stars died before turning 40

Here are 13 famous musicians from Egypt died before 40:

Farid Simaika

Farid Simaika (June 18, 1907 Alexandria-September 11, 1943 Makassar) was an Egyptian personality.

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Mohammed Helmy

Mohammed Helmy was an Egyptian personality.

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Kamal Amin

Kamal Amin (April 5, 2015 Tanta-April 5, 1979 Cairo) was an Egyptian personality.

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Naima Akef

Naima Akef (October 7, 1929 Tanta-April 23, 1966 Cairo) a.k.a. Naema Akef or نعيمة عاكف was an Egyptian actor and dancer. She had one child, Mohamed Salaheldeen Abdel Aleem.

She died in cancer.

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Mimi Chakib

Mimi Chakib (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1983) was an Egyptian actor.

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Sayed Darwish

Sayed Darwish (March 17, 1892 Alexandria-September 10, 1923 Alexandria) also known as Darwish, Sayed was an Egyptian singer, musician, songwriter and record producer.

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Ahmed Badawi

Ahmed Badawi (April 5, 2015 Alexandria-April 5, 1981) was an Egyptian personality.

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Omar Khorshid

Omar Khorshid (October 9, 1945 Al Sharqia Governorate-May 29, 1981 Giza) was an Egyptian guitarist, actor and film score composer.

His discography includes: Rhythms From the Orient, Guitar El Chark, Belly Dance With Omar Khorshid And His Magic Guitar ‎, Belly Dance With Omar Korshid Volume 3, Belly Dance With Omar Korshid Volume 2 ‎ (, Tribute To Oum Koulsoum By Omar Khorshid And His Magic Guitar ‎, Omar Khorshid With Love Vol. 1 ‎, Belly Dance From Lebanon ‎, Tribute To Farid El Atrache and Omar Khorshid With Love Vol.2.

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Mustafa Kamil Pasha

Mustafa Kamil Pasha (August 14, 1874 Cairo-February 10, 1908) was an Egyptian writer, politician, lawyer, political activist and journalist.

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Nahed Sherif

Nahed Sherif (January 1, 1942 Alexandria-April 7, 1981 Cairo) otherwise known as Samiha Zaki El-Nial or Nahied Sherif was an Egyptian actor. She had one child, Lena Djeredjian.

She died in breast cancer.

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Shahriar Shafiq

Shahriar Shafiq (March 15, 1945 Rabat-December 7, 1979 Paris) was an Egyptian politician and military officer. He had two children, Prince Nader Shafiq and Prince Dara Shafiq.

He died caused by firearm.

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Demetrio Stratos

Demetrio Stratos (April 22, 1945 Alexandria-June 13, 1979 New York) a.k.a. Stratos, Demetrio was an Egyptian singer and songwriter.

His albums: Metrodora, Demetrio Stratos: La Voce-Musica, Cantare la voce, , and Rock and Roll Exibition. Genres he performed include World music, Art rock, Progressive rock, Experimental music and Jazz fusion.

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Bassem Sabry

Bassem Sabry (October 25, 1982 Egypt-April 29, 2014 Giza) was an Egyptian political activist, journalist and commentator.

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