English movie stars born in 1921

Here are 8 famous actors from England were born in 1921:

Christopher Hewett

Christopher Hewett (April 5, 1921 Worthing-August 3, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Christopher Michael Hewett was an English actor and theatre director.

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Gerald Campion

Gerald Campion (April 23, 1921 Bloomsbury-July 9, 2002 Agen) a.k.a. Gerald Theron Campion, Gerald 'Billy Bunter' Campion or Gerry Campion was an English actor and restaurateur. He had three children, Angelica Campion, Anthea Campion and Anthony Campion.

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John Paul

John Paul (April 20, 1921 Hertfordshire-February 23, 1995 Buckinghamshire) also known as John Middleton Paul, John E. Paul or John Middleton Lankester Paul was an English actor.

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Edwin Richfield

Edwin Richfield (September 11, 1921 London-August 2, 1990 Shrewsbury) also known as Edwin Ronald Richfield was an English actor and screenwriter.

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David Lodge

David Lodge (August 19, 1921 Rochester-October 18, 2003 Northwood, London) also known as David William Frederick Lodge was an English actor, ringmaster and clown.

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Dirk Bogarde

Dirk Bogarde (March 28, 1921 West Hampstead-May 8, 1999 Chelsea) a.k.a. Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogarde, Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaer, Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde, Sir Dirk Bogarde, The British Rock Hudson, The Idol of the Odeon, Derek van den Bogaerde, Derek Bogaerde, Pippin or Pip was an English novelist, actor, screenwriter and writer.

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Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers (September 25, 1921 Halifax-April 8, 1981 Chalfont St Peter) also known as Eric Gaukroger, Eric Rodgers or Eric Gauk-Roger was an English film score composer, composer, actor, conductor and music arranger.

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Leslie Sands

Leslie Sands (May 19, 1921 Bradford-May 9, 2001 Chepstow) was an English actor, screenwriter and playwright.

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