English movie stars born in 1922

Here are 6 famous actors from England were born in 1922:

Michael Bentine

Michael Bentine (January 26, 1922 Watford-November 26, 1996 London) otherwise known as Michael James Bentin was an English presenter, comedian, actor and screenwriter.

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Graham Stark

Graham Stark (January 20, 1922 Wallasey-October 29, 2013 London) also known as Graham William Stark or Graham Starke was an English comedian, actor, screenwriter, film director, photographer, writer and voice actor.

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Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson (September 15, 1922 Gosport-January 1, 2012 West Sussex) also known as Robert James Gilbert Anderson, Grumpy Bob or Robert Anderson was an English actor.

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Jack Tripp

Jack Tripp (February 4, 1922 Plymouth-July 10, 2005) was an English actor.

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Felix Bowness

Felix Bowness (March 30, 1922 Harwell-September 13, 2009 Woodley, Berkshire) was an English actor, comedian and soldier.

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Richard Mayes

Richard Mayes (December 26, 1922 Luton-October 22, 2006 England) a.k.a. Derek Leonard Richard Mayes was an English actor.

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