English movie stars born in 1934

Here are 18 famous actors from England were born in 1934:

Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett (May 9, 1934 Armley-) also known as Alan is an English screenwriter, author, actor and playwright.

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Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein (September 19, 1934 Liverpool-August 27, 1967 London) a.k.a. Brian Samuel Epstein, Epstein, Brian or Eppie was an English talent manager, businessperson, actor and impresario.

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Bernard Bresslaw

Bernard Bresslaw (February 25, 1934 Stepney-June 11, 1993 Regent's Park) also known as Bernie was an English actor. He had three children, James Bresslaw, Mark Bresslaw and Jonathan Bresslaw.

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Richard Briers

Richard Briers (January 14, 1934 Raynes Park-February 17, 2013 London) also known as Richard David Briers, Dickie or Richard David Briers, CBE was an English actor and voice actor. He had two children, Lucy Briers and Katie Briers.

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David Burke

David Burke (May 25, 1934 Liverpool-) a.k.a. David P. Burke is an English actor. He has one child, Tom Burke.

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Trevor Bannister

Trevor Bannister (August 14, 1934 Durrington-April 14, 2011 Thames Ditton) also known as Trevor Gordon Bannister was an English actor. He had three children, Timothy Bannister, Jeremy Bannister and Simon Bannister.

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Colin Welland

Colin Welland (July 4, 1934 Leigh-) also known as Colin Williams or Collin Welland is an English screenwriter and actor. He has four children, Genevieve Welland, Catherine Welland, Caroline Welland and Christie Welland.

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Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith (March 5, 1934 Banstead-) is an English actor and voice actor. His child is called Catherine Russell.

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Keith Barron

Keith Barron (August 8, 1934 Mexborough-) is an English presenter and actor. His children are called Jamie Barron and Mark Dawson.

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Larry Martyn

Larry Martyn (March 22, 1934 London-August 7, 1994 Kent) also known as Lawrence Martyn, Larry Martin or Lawrence "Larry" Martyn was an English actor.

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John Noakes

John Noakes (March 6, 1934 Shelf-) is an English presenter and actor.

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David Hillman

David Hillman (November 21, 1934 London-August 8, 2009 London) was an English actor.

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Jack Birkett

Jack Birkett (June 11, 1934 Leeds-May 10, 2010 London) also known as The Incredible Orlando, El IncreĆ­ble Orlando or Orlando was an English actor, singer, mime artist and ballet dancer.

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Donald Burton

Donald Burton (February 10, 1934 Norwich-December 8, 2007 Cathedral City) also known as Donald Graham Burton was an English actor. He had one child, Kerri Davenport-Burton.

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Stanley Lebor

Stanley Lebor (September 24, 1934 East Ham-) a.k.a. Stanley Harvey Lebor is an English actor.

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Mark Kingston

Mark Kingston (April 18, 1934 Deptford-October 9, 2011 Northwood, London) was an English actor.

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Ron Pember

Ron Pember (April 11, 1934 Plaistow, Newham-) otherwise known as Ron Bember or Ronald Pember is an English actor, theatre director and playwright.

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David Warrilow

David Warrilow (December 28, 1934 Stone-August 17, 1995 Paris) was an English actor.

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