English movie stars born in 1935

Here are 13 famous actors from England were born in 1935:

Michael Williams

Michael Williams (July 9, 1935 Liverpool-January 11, 2001 Hampstead) a.k.a. Michael Leonard Williams or Michael Leonard Williams, KSG was an English actor and voice actor. He had one child, Finty Williams.

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John Inman

John Inman (June 28, 1935 City of Preston, Lancashire-March 8, 2007 St Mary's Hospital, London) also known as Frederick John Inman or Inman, John was an English actor.

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Peter Watkins

Peter Watkins (October 29, 1935 Norbiton-) otherwise known as Peteris Watkinsas is an English film director, screenwriter, film editor, film producer, television director and actor. He has two children, GĂ©rard Watkins and Patrick Watkins.

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Michael Jayston

Michael Jayston (October 29, 1935 Nottingham-) also known as Michael A James or Michael James is an English actor.

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Johnny Briggs

Johnny Briggs (September 5, 1935 Battersea-) a.k.a. Johnnie Briggs, Johnny Briggs MBE, John Briggs, Briggsy, Johnny Briggs, MBE or J. Briggs is an English actor. He has six children, Karen Briggs, Mark Briggs, Jennifer Briggs, Stephanie Briggs, Michael Briggs and Anthony Briggs.

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Roger Brierley

Roger Brierley (June 2, 1935 Stockport-September 23, 2005 Westminster) a.k.a. David Roger Brierley or Roger Brierly was an English actor and accountant.

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Roy Barraclough

Roy Barraclough (July 12, 1935 City of Preston, Lancashire-) is an English actor.

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Peter Birrel

Peter Birrel (July 19, 1935 Suffolk-June 23, 2004 Bath) also known as Peter Birrell was an English actor.

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Roy Heather

Roy Heather (May 20, 1935 Stoke Poges-September 3, 2014 Purbrook) also known as Roy Heatner was an English actor.

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Jim Dale

Jim Dale (August 15, 1935 Rothwell-) a.k.a. Jim Dale MBE, James Smith, Jimmy or Jim Dale, MBE is an English lyricist, actor, voice actor, comedian and singer-songwriter. His children are called Belinda Dale, Adam Dale, Toby Dale and Murray Dale.

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Peter Grant

Peter Grant (April 5, 1935 South Norwood-November 21, 1995 Eastbourne) a.k.a. Grant, Peter, Peter James Grant or Peter James "G" Grant was an English talent manager, music manager and actor.

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Basil Moss

Basil Moss (May 25, 1935 London-) is an English actor.

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David Nobbs

David Nobbs (March 13, 1935 Petts Wood-) also known as David Gordon Nobbs is an English writer and actor.

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