English movie stars born in 1939

Here are 14 famous actors from England were born in 1939:

John Fortune

John Fortune (June 30, 1939 Bristol-December 31, 2013) also known as John Wood, Fortune, John or John C. Wood was an English comedian, actor, screenwriter and satirist.

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Peter Purves

Peter Purves (February 10, 1939 Preston, Lancashire-) is an English presenter and actor.

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John Bardon

John Bardon (August 25, 1939 Brentford-September 12, 2014 Collier Row) otherwise known as John Michael Jones or John Barton was an English actor.

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Malcolm Hebden

Malcolm Hebden (December 21, 1939 Chester-) also known as Malcolm Hebdon is an English actor.

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Ray Brooks

Ray Brooks (April 20, 1939 Brighton-) is an English actor. He has three children, Emma Brooks, Will Brooks and Tom Brooks.

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Tom O'Connor

Tom O'Connor (October 31, 1939 Bootle-) also known as Thomas O'Connor is an English comedian and actor. His child is called Steve Finan O'Connor.

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Marty Wilde

Marty Wilde (April 15, 1939 Blackheath, London-) also known as Wilde, Marty or Reginald Leonard Smith Sr. is an English singer, actor and songwriter. He has four children, Ricky Wilde, Kim Wilde, Roxanne Wilder and Marty Wilde Jr..

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David Winters

David Winters (April 5, 1939 London-) also known as David Weizer or Maria Dante is an English screenwriter, film director, actor, dancer, film producer, choreographer and television producer.

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Mark Jones

Mark Jones (April 22, 1939 England-January 14, 2010 Shropshire) was an English actor.

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John Badham

John Badham (August 25, 1939 Luton-) a.k.a. Charles John Smith, John MacDonald Badham, John M. Badham or J. Badham is an English film director, film producer, actor, television director and television producer. He has one child, Kelly MacDonald Badham.

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William Hobbs

William Hobbs (January 29, 1939 Hampstead-) also known as Bill Hobbs is an English actor, stunt performer and fight choreographer.

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John Howard Davies

John Howard Davies (March 9, 1939 Paddington-August 22, 2011 Blewbury) otherwise known as John Davies was an English actor, television producer, film director and television director. He had two children, William Davies and Georgina Davies.

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Bette Bourne

Bette Bourne (September 22, 1939 London Borough of Hackney-) otherwise known as Peter Bourne is an English actor.

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Terry Gill

Terry Gill (October 25, 1939 England-) a.k.a. Terrence Gill is an English actor.

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