English movie stars died at 64

Here are 16 famous actors from England died at 64:

Herbert Beerbohm Tree

Herbert Beerbohm Tree (December 17, 1852 Kensington-July 2, 1917 London) also known as Herbert Draper Beerbohm or Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree was an English actor, teacher and theatre director. He had five children, Carol Reed, Viola Tree, Felicity Tree, Iris Tree and Peter Reed.

He died caused by thrombus.

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Charles Hawtrey

Charles Hawtrey (September 21, 1858 Eton College-July 30, 1923 Marylebone) a.k.a. Charles Henry Hawtrey or Sir Charles Henry Hawtrey was an English actor, comedian, theatre director, theatrical producer, playwright and writer. He had one child, Anthony Hawtrey.

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Arthur Bourchier

Arthur Bourchier (June 22, 1863 Speen-September 14, 1927 Johannesburg) was an English actor, film director and actor-manager. He had one child, Prudence Vanbrugh.

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Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens (July 14, 1931 Shirehampton-November 12, 1995 London) also known as Sir Robert Stephens, Sir Robert Graham Stephens or Robert Graham Stephens was an English actor. He had four children, Chris Larkin, Toby Stephens, Michael Stephens and Lucy Dilon.

He died caused by surgical complications.

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Tate Wilkinson

Tate Wilkinson (October 27, 1739-November 16, 1803) was an English actor.

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Peter Haddon

Peter Haddon (March 31, 1898 Rawtenstall-September 7, 1962 London) a.k.a. Peter Tildsley was an English actor.

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Don Knight

Don Knight (February 16, 1933 Manchester-August 18, 1997 Squaw Valley, Fresno County, California) a.k.a. Donald Knight was an English actor.

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David Oxley

David Oxley (November 7, 1920 Wellington-October 30, 1985 Málaga) was an English actor.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Bob Simmons

Bob Simmons (March 31, 1923 Fulham-October 21, 1987) a.k.a. Robert Simmons was an English actor, stunt performer and physical training instructor.

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John Garrick

John Garrick (August 31, 1902 Brighton-October 22, 1966 San Francisco) also known as Reginald John Garrick or Reginald Dandy was an English actor.

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Frank Cellier

Frank Cellier (February 23, 1884 Surbiton-September 27, 1948 London) otherwise known as Frank Celier was an English actor. He had two children, Antoinette Cellier and Peter Cellier.

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John Maxim

John Maxim (July 20, 1925 Sydney-January 20, 1990 Brighton) also known as John Wills or John Waldemar Maxim was an English actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Arthur Margetson

Arthur Margetson (April 27, 1887 London-August 13, 1951 London) was an English actor.

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Lionel Gamlin

Lionel Gamlin (April 30, 1903 England-October 16, 1967 London) also known as Lionel Gamilin or Lionel James Gamlin was an English commentator, actor and announcer.

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Brian Roper

Brian Roper (August 19, 1929 Doncaster-May 14, 1994 Antibes) a.k.a. Brian T. Roper was an English actor and real estate broker.

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Roger Abbott

Roger Abbott (July 10, 1946 Birkenhead-March 26, 2011 Toronto) a.k.a. Air Farce, Royal Canadian Air Farce or The Royal Canadian Air Farce was an English stand-up comedian, comedian, actor, screenwriter and television producer.

He died caused by leukemia.

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