English movie stars died in 1985

Here are 11 famous actors from England died in 1985:

Richard Greene

Richard Greene (August 25, 1918 Plymouth-June 1, 1985 Norfolk) otherwise known as Richard Marius Joseph Greene was an English actor.

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Gary Holton

Gary Holton (September 22, 1952 East End of London-October 25, 1985 Wembley) also known as Garry Frederick Holton was an English singer, singer-songwriter, actor and musician. He had one child, Red Holton.

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Leslie Sarony

Leslie Sarony (January 22, 1897 Surbiton-February 12, 1985 London) a.k.a. Leslie Legge Frye or Leslie Frye was an English singer, songwriter and actor. He had three children, Neville Sarony, Peter Sarony and Paul Sarony.

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George K. Arthur

George K. Arthur (January 27, 1899 Littlehampton-May 30, 1985 New York City) also known as George Arthur, Arthur George Brest or Arthur was an English actor, film producer and soldier.

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Hugh Burden

Hugh Burden (April 3, 1913 Colombo-May 17, 1985 London) was an English playwright, actor and soldier. He had one child, Brian Burdon.

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J. Pat O'Malley

J. Pat O'Malley (March 15, 1904 Burnley-February 27, 1985 San Juan Capistrano) a.k.a. James Patrick O'Malley, J. Patrick O'Malley, James Patrick Francis O'Malley or Pat O'Malley was an English actor, singer-songwriter, composer, voice actor and music director.

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David Oxley

David Oxley (November 7, 1920 Wellington-October 30, 1985 Málaga) was an English actor.

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Neil McCarthy

Neil McCarthy (July 26, 1932 Lincoln-February 6, 1985 Fordingbridge) also known as Eugene Neil McCarthy was an English actor.

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Barry MacKay

Barry MacKay (January 8, 1906 London-December 12, 1985 Chelsea) also known as Barry Leonard Graham Reay-MacKay, Barry Leonard Graham Reay-Mackey or Barry Mackay was an English actor.

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Louis Hayward

Louis Hayward (March 19, 1909 Johannesburg-February 21, 1985 Palm Springs) a.k.a. Louis Charles Hayward was an English actor. He had one child, Dana Hayward.

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Richard Kay

Richard Kay (March 16, 1937 Newcastle upon Tyne-November 27, 1985 England) was an English actor. He had two children, Barnaby Kay and Adam Kay.

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