English movie stars died in 2014

Here are 8 famous actors from England died in 2014:

John Bardon

John Bardon (August 25, 1939 Brentford-September 12, 2014 Collier Row) otherwise known as John Michael Jones or John Barton was an English actor.

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Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly (December 19, 1943 Manchester-June 14, 2014 Esher) was an English actor.

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Roy Heather

Roy Heather (May 20, 1935 Stoke Poges-September 3, 2014 Purbrook) also known as Roy Heatner was an English actor.

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Alvin Stardust

Alvin Stardust (September 27, 1942 Muswell Hill-October 23, 2014 Ifold) also known as Stardust, Alvin, Shane Fenton or Shane Fenton and the Fentones was an English singer and actor. His children are called Adam F, Shaun Fenton, Sophie Jewry and Millie Margaret May.

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Ray Lonnen

Ray Lonnen (May 18, 1940 Bournemouth-July 11, 2014 London) a.k.a. Ronald Baker was an English actor.

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Jeffery Dench

Jeffery Dench (April 29, 1928 Tyldesley-March 27, 2014 United Kingdom) also known as Jeffrey Dench was an English actor. His children are called Sarah Dench, Clare Dench and Emma Dench.

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Richard Pasco

Richard Pasco (July 18, 1926 Barnes, London-November 12, 2014) also known as Richard Edward Pasco, Richard Pascoe or Richard Edward Pasco, CBE was an English actor. He had one child, William Pasco.

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Chris Harris

Chris Harris (December 14, 1942 Bridgwater-April 30, 2014 Portishead) was an English actor.

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