English actors who died due to Cardiovascular disease

Here are 9 famous actors from England died in Cardiovascular disease:

Brian Aherne

Brian Aherne (May 2, 1902 Kings Norton-February 10, 1986 Venice) a.k.a. William Brian de Lacy Aherne was an English actor.

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Peter Pears

Peter Pears (June 22, 1910 Farnham-April 3, 1986 Aldeburgh) a.k.a. Peter Neville Luard Pears or Sir Peter Neville Luard Pears was an English opera singer, librettist, singer, actor and screenwriter.

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Donald Wolfit

Donald Wolfit (April 20, 1902 Balderton-February 17, 1968 Hammersmith) also known as Sir Donald Wolfit, Donald Woolfitt, Sir Donald Wolfit KBE or Sir Donald Wolfit, CBE was an English actor. His child is called Margaret Wolfit.

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William Hartnell

William Hartnell (January 8, 1908 St Pancras, London-April 23, 1975 Marden) also known as William Henry Hartnell, Billy Hartnell, Bill Hartnell, Bill or Billy was an English actor. He had one child, Heather Anne Hartnell.

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Philip Merivale

Philip Merivale (November 2, 1886 Manickpur-March 12, 1946 Los Angeles) was an English actor and screenwriter. He had four children, John Merivale, Rosamund Merivale, Valentine Merivale and Philip Merivale.

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Arthur Treacher

Arthur Treacher (July 23, 1894 Brighton-December 14, 1975 Manhasset) also known as Arthur Veary Treacher was an English actor.

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J. Pat O'Malley

J. Pat O'Malley (March 15, 1904 Burnley-February 27, 1985 San Juan Capistrano) a.k.a. James Patrick O'Malley, J. Patrick O'Malley, James Patrick Francis O'Malley or Pat O'Malley was an English actor, singer-songwriter, composer, voice actor and music director.

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Stratford Johns

Stratford Johns (September 22, 1925 Pietermaritzburg-January 29, 2002 Heveningham) also known as Alan Stratford Johns or Alan Edgar Stratford-Johns was an English actor, writer and entrepreneur.

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Teddy Arundell

Teddy Arundell (November 27, 1873 Devon-November 5, 1922 London) also known as Edward Arundell was an English actor.

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