English actors who died due to Pneumonia

Here are 16 famous actors from England died in Pneumonia:

Jack Howarth

Jack Howarth (February 19, 1896 Rochdale-March 31, 1984 Llandudno) also known as Jack Howarth MBE or John Aubrey Conway Howarth was an English actor.

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Henry V. Esmond

Henry V. Esmond (November 30, 1869 London-April 17, 1922 Paris) otherwise known as Henry Esmond, Henry Vernon Jack, Henry Vernon Esmond, Harry Esmond Jack or H.V. Esmond was an English actor and playwright. His children are called Jill Esmond and Jack Esmond.

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Leo Genn

Leo Genn (August 9, 1905 London-January 26, 1978 London) also known as Leo John Genn was an English actor, voice actor, barrister and lawyer.

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Richard Whiteley

Richard Whiteley (December 28, 1943 Bradford-June 26, 2005 Leeds) a.k.a. John Richard Whiteley, Mayor Richard Whiteley, "Twice-Nightly" Whiteley or Richard Whiteley OBE was an English presenter, journalist, actor and broadcaster. His child is called James Whiteley.

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C. Aubrey Smith

C. Aubrey Smith (July 21, 1863 London-December 20, 1948 Beverly Hills) also known as Charles Aubrey Smith, Sir C. Aubrey Smith, Sir Aubrey Smith, Sir Charles Aubrey Smith, Sir Charles Aubrey Smith CBE or Round the Corner Smith was an English actor and cricketer.

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Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas (April 26, 1927 Newcastle upon Tyne-December 18, 2008 Isle of Wight) also known as Jack Roberton or Alf Ippititimus was an English actor.

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Eddie Laughton

Eddie Laughton (June 20, 1903 Sheffield-March 21, 1952 Hollywood) a.k.a. Edgar Hugh Loughton, Edward Laughton or Ed Laughton was an English actor.

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Tony Capstick

Tony Capstick (July 27, 1944 Rotherham-October 23, 2003 Wentworth) also known as Joseph Anthony Capstick was an English comedian and actor.

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Lionel Atwill

Lionel Atwill (March 1, 1885 Croydon-April 22, 1946 Pacific Palisades) a.k.a. Lionel Alfred William Atwill or "Pinky" was an English actor. He had two children, John Anthony Atwill and Lionel Anthony Guille Atwill.

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Leslie Goodwins

Leslie Goodwins (September 17, 1899 London-January 8, 1969 Hollywood) also known as Les Goodwins or Les Goodwin was an English film director, screenwriter, television director and actor.

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Jack Warner

Jack Warner (October 24, 1895 London-May 24, 1981 London) also known as Horace John Waters or Horace John Warner was an English actor.

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Robert Flemyng

Robert Flemyng (January 3, 1912 Liverpool-May 22, 1995 London) also known as Benjamin Arthur Flemyng or Robert Flemyng OBE, MC was an English actor and military officer.

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Donald Hewlett

Donald Hewlett (August 30, 1920 Northenden-June 4, 2011 Chelsea and Westminster Hospital) was an English actor. He had one child, Siobhan Hewlett.

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Edward Woodward

Edward Woodward (June 1, 1930 Croydon-November 16, 2009 Royal Cornwall Hospital) also known as Edward Albert Arthur Woodward or Edward Albert Arthur Woodward, OBE was an English singer and actor. His children are called Peter Woodward, Tim Woodward, Emily Woodward and Sarah Woodward.

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Alan Napier

Alan Napier (January 7, 1903 Kings Norton-August 8, 1988 Santa Monica) also known as Alan Napier-Claverin, Alan William Napier-Clavering, Nape or Napier was an English actor and voice actor. He had two children, Jennifer Nichols and Jennifer Raine.

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Dennis Neilson-Terry

Dennis Neilson-Terry (October 21, 1895 London-July 14, 1932 Bulawayo) was an English actor. His child is called Hazel Terry.

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