English actors who died due to Stroke

Here are 10 famous actors from England died in Stroke:

Charlie Drake

Charlie Drake (June 19, 1925 Elephant and Castle-December 23, 2006 Brinsworth House) also known as Drake, Charlie, Charles Edward Springall or Charles Drake was an English comedian, actor, screenwriter and singer.

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Reginald Denny

Reginald Denny (November 20, 1891 Richmond-June 16, 1967 Richmond) also known as Reginald Leigh Dugmore or Leigh Denny was an English pilot, actor, businessperson and screenwriter. He had one child, Barbara Denny.

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Alan Napier

Alan Napier (January 7, 1903 Kings Norton-August 8, 1988 Santa Monica) also known as Alan Napier-Claverin, Alan William Napier-Clavering, Nape or Napier was an English actor and voice actor. He had two children, Jennifer Nichols and Jennifer Raine.

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David Tomlinson

David Tomlinson (May 7, 1917 Henley-on-Thames-June 24, 2000 Westminster) a.k.a. David Cecil MacAlister Tomlinson or Dave Tomlinson was an English actor and clerk. He had four children, William Tomlinson, James Adam Tomlinson, David Tomlinson and Henry Tomlinson.

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Will Hay

Will Hay (December 6, 1888 Stockton-on-Tees-April 18, 1949 Chelsea) was an English astronomer, comedian, actor and film director.

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Henry Irving

Henry Irving (February 6, 1838 Keinton Mandeville-October 13, 1905 Bradford) also known as John Henry Brodribb was an English actor. He had two children, Laurence Sydney Brodribb Irving and Harry Brodribb Irving.

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William Hartnell

William Hartnell (January 8, 1908 St Pancras, London-April 23, 1975 Marden) also known as William Henry Hartnell, Billy Hartnell, Bill Hartnell, Bill or Billy was an English actor. He had one child, Heather Anne Hartnell.

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David Oxley

David Oxley (November 7, 1920 Wellington-October 30, 1985 Málaga) was an English actor.

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Reginald Denham

Reginald Denham (January 10, 1894 London-February 4, 1983 Englewood) also known as Reginald Harry Francis Denham was an English writer, film director, actor, film producer, theatre director and screenwriter. He had one child, Isolde Denham.

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Graham Stark

Graham Stark (January 20, 1922 Wallasey-October 29, 2013 London) also known as Graham William Stark or Graham Starke was an English comedian, actor, screenwriter, film director, photographer, writer and voice actor.

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