English actors who died due to Suicide

Here are 11 famous actors from England died in Suicide:

James Whale

James Whale (July 22, 1889 Dudley-May 29, 1957 Hollywood) a.k.a. Henry Wales was an English film director, theatre director and actor.

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Tony Hancock

Tony Hancock (May 12, 1924 Hall Green-June 24, 1968 Sydney) also known as Anthony John Hancock, Anthony Hancock, The Lad Himself or Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock was an English comedian and actor.

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Justin Pierce

Justin Pierce (March 21, 1975 London-July 10, 2000 Paradise) a.k.a. Justin Charles Pierce was an English actor.

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Freddie Mills

Freddie Mills (June 26, 1919 Parkstone-July 25, 1965 London) also known as Freddie Mills Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Fearless Freddie or Frederick Percival Mills was an English professional boxer and actor.

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George Sanders

George Sanders (July 3, 1906 Saint Petersburg-April 25, 1972 Castelldefels) a.k.a. George Henry Sanders, Georges Sanders or Greer, Joann & Sanders, George was an English actor, composer, singer-songwriter and author.

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David Rappaport

David Rappaport (November 23, 1951 London-May 2, 1990 San Fernando Valley) also known as David Stephen Rappaport or David Rappaport-Bramley was an English actor, teacher, activist, film director, musician and writer. He had one child, Joe Rappaport.

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David Scarboro

David Scarboro (February 3, 1968 London-April 27, 1988 Beachy Head) was an English actor.

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Alan Lake

Alan Lake (November 24, 1940 Stoke-on-Trent-October 10, 1984 Sunningdale) was an English actor. He had one child, Jason Lake.

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Bob Grant

Bob Grant (April 21, 1932 Hammersmith-November 8, 2003 Twyning) otherwise known as Robert St Clair Grant or Robert Sinclair Grant was an English actor and screenwriter. His child is called Charlotte Grant.

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Darien Angadi

Darien Angadi (March 19, 1949 Stoke Newington-January 12, 1984) was an English singer and actor.

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Mark Finch

Mark Finch (October 21, 1961 Manchester-January 14, 1995 San Francisco) was an English actor.

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