English movie stars born in 1929

Here are 8 famous actresses from England were born in 1929:

Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge (February 17, 1929 Tranmere-) also known as Katherine Patricia Routledge, Old Girl, Pat, Patricia Routledge OBE or Patricia Routledge CBE is an English actor and singer.

Maria Charles

Maria Charles (September 22, 1929 London-) a.k.a. Maria Zena Schneider is an English actor, film director and comedian. She has two children, Kelly Hunter and Samantha Hunter.

Lisa Daniely

Lisa Daniely (June 4, 1929 Reading-January 24, 2014) also known as Elizabeth Bodington, Lisa Danielly, Elizabeth Boddington or Mary Elizabeth Bodington was an English actor.

Judith Stott

Judith Stott (July 12, 1929 Oxford-) also known as Judith Mary Stott is an English actor. Her children are called Jonathan Burnham, Edward James Tynan O'Mahony, Jane O'Mahony and Jonathan O'Mahony.

Lila Kaye

Lila Kaye (November 7, 1929 Middlesbrough-January 10, 2012 Worthing) was an English actor. Her child is called Joseph Kaye.

Patricia Raine

Patricia Raine (March 29, 1929 St John's Wood-July 19, 1993 Kent) was an English actor.

Margaret Wolfit

Margaret Wolfit (June 2, 1929 London-September 20, 2008) also known as Margaret B. Woolfitt was an English actor.

Veronica Wells

Veronica Wells (December 4, 1929 Canterbury-) otherwise known as Veronica Mary Wells is an English actor.

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