English movie stars born in 1955

Here are 9 famous actresses from England were born in 1955:

Helen Atkinson-Wood

Helen Atkinson-Wood (March 14, 1955 Cheadle Hulme-) is an English actor and comedian.

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Gilly Coman

Gilly Coman (September 13, 1955 Liverpool-July 13, 2010 Wirral Peninsula) also known as Gilly Conman was an English actor.

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Gillian Taylforth

Gillian Taylforth (August 14, 1955 Islington-) is an English actor. She has two children, Jessica Knights and Harrison Knights.

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Shirley Cheriton

Shirley Cheriton (June 28, 1955 London-) is an English actor.

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Debbie Arnold

Debbie Arnold (June 14, 1955 Sunderland-) a.k.a. Deborah Arnold or Jeanette Debbie Arnold is an English actor and voice actor. Her children are called Ciara Janson and Talia Janson.

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Nichola McAuliffe

Nichola McAuliffe (August 1, 1955 Surrey-) a.k.a. Nicola McAuliffe, McAuliffe, Nichola or Nichola Teresa Mary McAuliffe is an English novelist and actor.

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Carole Ashby

Carole Ashby (March 24, 1955 Cannock-) a.k.a. Carol Ashby is an English actor, film producer and television producer.

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Louisa Rix

Louisa Rix (February 2, 1955 England-) otherwise known as Louise Rix is an English actor. She has two children, Charlotte Coy and Jolyon Coy.

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Teresa Ann Savoy

Teresa Ann Savoy (July 18, 1955 London-) also known as Therese Ann Savoy or Terry is an English actor.

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