English movie stars born in 1974

Here are 8 famous actresses from England were born in 1974:

Melanie Chisholm

Melanie Chisholm (January 12, 1974 Whiston-) otherwise known as Melanie C, Melanie C., Mel C, Melanie Jayne Chisholm, C, Melanie, M. Chrisholm, Sporty Spice, The Spice Girls or Mel Chisholm is an English businessperson, actor and singer-songwriter. She has one child, Scarlet Starr.

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Clare Calbraith

Clare Calbraith (January 1, 1974 Winsford-) is an English actor.

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Zöe Lucker

Zöe Lucker (April 11, 1974 Huddersfield-) also known as Zoe Lucker, Zöe Lucker, Zoe Elizabeth Lucker or Zoë Lucker is an English actor. She has one child, Lilly Alabama Herbert.

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China Chow

China Chow (April 1, 1974 London-) is an English actor and model.

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Nicola Stapleton

Nicola Stapleton (August 9, 1974 Elephant and Castle-) a.k.a. Nicola Kathleen Stapleton is an English actor and child actor.

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Nicola Wheeler

Nicola Wheeler (April 4, 1974 Lancashire-) otherwise known as Nicola Hodge is an English actor.

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Luisa Bradshaw-White

Luisa Bradshaw-White (December 9, 1974 Eastcote-) otherwise known as Luisa White is an English actor.

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Catalina Guirado

Catalina Guirado (January 1, 1974 Aukland-) a.k.a. Catalina Jane Guirado is an English actor.

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