English movie stars born in 1980

Here are 17 famous actresses from England were born in 1980:

Charity Wakefield

Charity Wakefield (September 1, 1980 Sussex-) also known as Charity Rose Wakefield is an English actor.

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Sophie Winkleman

Sophie Winkleman (August 5, 1980 Primrose Hill-) is an English actor.

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Claire Cooper

Claire Cooper (October 26, 1980 Wakefield-) is an English actor.

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Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor (February 26, 1980 Billinge-) also known as Claire Jackson is an English actor.

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Laura Sadler

Laura Sadler (December 25, 1980 Ascot-June 19, 2003 Charing Cross Hospital) also known as Laura Ruth Sadler was an English actor.

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Natalie Casey

Natalie Casey (April 15, 1980 Rawtenstall-) is an English actor, singer and comedian.

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Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona (September 6, 1980 Warrington-) otherwise known as Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Katona, Katona, Kerry, Kerry McFadden, Kezza or Kez is an English presenter, singer, writer, singer-songwriter, actor and author. Her children are called Molly Marie McFadden, Heidi Elizabeth Croft, Lilly-Sue McFadden and Maxwell Mark Croft.

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Natalie Press

Natalie Press (August 15, 1980 London-) otherwise known as Nathalie Press is an English actor.

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Preeya Kalidas

Preeya Kalidas (June 21, 1980 Isleworth-) a.k.a. Kalidas, Preeya is an English actor and singer.

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Adele Silva

Adele Silva (November 19, 1980 Norbury-) is an English actor.

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Jennifer Biddall

Jennifer Biddall (May 26, 1980 Bath-) is an English actor. She has one child, Joseph Freeman.

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Joanne Froggatt

Joanne Froggatt (August 21, 1980 Littlebeck, North Yorkshire-) also known as Joanne Frogatt, Jo or Joanne Froggart is an English actor.

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Sarah Felberbaum

Sarah Felberbaum (March 20, 1980 London-) is an English actor. Her child is called Olivia De Rossi.

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Kate Groombridge

Kate Groombridge (July 8, 1980 Kent-) is an English fashion model and actor. Her children are called Gilbert Groombridge and Percy Groombridge.

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Catherine Bailey

Catherine Bailey (January 2, 1980 London-) is an English actor.

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Isabella Calthorpe

Isabella Calthorpe (March 3, 1980 Winchester-) is an English model and actor.

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Estelle (January 18, 1980 Hammersmith-) a.k.a. Estelle Fanta Swaray, Est'elle or Estelle Swaray is an English rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, model, actor and business owner.

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