English movie stars died in 1951

Here are 4 famous actresses from England died in 1951:

Marie Ault

Marie Ault (September 2, 1870 Wigan-May 9, 1951 London) also known as Mary Cragg was an English actor.

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Olga Nethersole

Olga Nethersole (November 27, 1863 London-January 9, 1951) was an English nurse and actor.

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Flora Le Breton

Flora Le Breton (November 27, 1898 Croydon-July 11, 1951 Brooklyn) also known as Flora LeBreton or Flora le Breton was an English singer and actor.

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Vesta Victoria

Vesta Victoria (November 27, 1873 Leeds-April 7, 1951 Hampstead) also known as Victoria, Vesta was an English singer, comedian and actor.

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