English movie stars died in 1966

Here are 3 famous actresses from England died in 1966:

Ada Reeve

Ada Reeve (March 3, 1874 London-October 5, 1966 London) also known as Reeve, Ada, Adelaide Mary Reeve or Little Ada Reeves was an English singer and actor. Her children are called Lillian Mary "Goody" Hazlewood and Bessie Adelaide Hazlewood.

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Mary Mackenzie

Mary Mackenzie (May 3, 1922 Burnley-September 20, 1966 London) was an English actor.

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Toni Edgar-Bruce

Toni Edgar-Bruce (June 4, 1892 London-March 28, 1966 Chertsey) also known as Toni Edgar Bruce, Toni Bruce, Sybil Etonia Bruce or Tonie Edgar Bruce was an English actor.

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