English movie stars died in 2014

Here are 4 famous actresses from England died in 2014:

Kate O'Mara

Kate O'Mara (August 10, 1939 Leicester-March 30, 2014 Sussex) a.k.a. Kate Carroll or Frances M. Carroll was an English actor. She had two children, Dickon Young and Chris Linde.

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Dora Bryan

Dora Bryan (February 7, 1923 Parbold-July 23, 2014 Hove) also known as Dora May Broadbent, Dora May Bryan, Dora May Bryan OBE or Dora Mary Broadbent was an English actor and philanthropist.

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Lynsey de Paul

Lynsey de Paul (June 11, 1950 Southwark-October 1, 2014 Southwark) also known as Linsey De Paul, Lyndsey De Paul, Lynsey De Paul, Lynsey Monckton Rubin, Paul, de, Lynsey or Lindsey De Paul was an English singer, singer-songwriter and actor.

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Lisa Daniely

Lisa Daniely (June 4, 1929 Reading-January 24, 2014) also known as Elizabeth Bodington, Lisa Danielly, Elizabeth Boddington or Mary Elizabeth Bodington was an English actor.

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